About RO
 Aquaseema Water Purifiers help in maintaining the drinking water quality by:

  • Reducing Water hardness.
  • Removing chemical contents including heavy metals.
  • Removing Micro-Biological disease causing organisms.
  • Bringing down the level of TDS (Totally Dissolved Solids) to safer levels.

Revers Osmosis Process

Reverse Osmosis (R.O) is one of the most convenient and economical methods of reducing unwanted contaminants in your drinking water. Reverse Osmosis is the process by which water molecules are forced, by water pressure, through a semi permeable membrane. Most of the impurities and other contaminants are rinsed to the drain while the refined water is routed to a special holding tank.

The special features of RO process is its ability to remove not only the suspended impurities but also dissolved impurities and salt which are harmful and spoil the taste of water. In addition, it also removes bacteria and virus better than the conventional purifiers. Typical percentage removal of dissolved salt by RO process are :

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems for process and drinking,
  • Conventional Pressure filters, Base exchanges, DM Plants,
  • Hydro Pneumatic Pressure Boosting Systems,
  • Sewage treatment Plants and Water Recycling,
  • Turnkey Swimming Pool System,
  • Effluent Minimization,
  • Sterilization by Ultraviolet Systems & Ozonation

We are committed to consolidating our position and reputation by adopting a flexible and open approach towards the needs of our clients by listening to and respecting their view, and being ahead of emerging trends and potential technologies breakthroughs. We are developing a stable client base with significant repeat business.

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