Product Specification
100 LPH

  • Pre Filter : 20” X 20” Micron PP Filter USA.
  • Pre Filter :20” X 5” Micron PP Filter USA.
  • Carbon Filter : 20”Activated Carbon Block Filter-Taiwan.
  • Procon Pump : 140 Gph. ( Brass / S.S. )
  • Motor : 0.5 Hp 230 ~ AC volt.
  • Membrane : 25 X 40 ( Dow Filmtec ).
  • Pressure Meter : 2 Pcs.
  • Flow Meter : 2 - 7 Lpm. 1 pcs.
  • Electrical Panel : Volt Meter, Ampere Meter, Rotary Switch, MCB Switch.
  • Auto Flushing : Solenoid Valve
  • Automatic on & off System : Radar switch.
  • Indicators : Power, Working, Low Pressure, High Pressure,Flushing.
  • Production Rate : Upto 100 Lph.
  • Feed Water : 2000 ppm. Max. (Raw Water)
  • Reject Water : Appx. 50%.
  • Power Consumption : 230 ~ Volt AC ( 0.5 H.P )
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